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Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

Common Bankruptcy Mistakes


When financial situations present themselves the human reaction and common temptation is to ignore them and just hope that things get better and that they miraculously resolve themselves. Unfortunately for most of us, burying our heads in the sand and going on with our daily lives without addressing our financial issues head on rarely results in getting out of debt once we are in over our heads.  At PAGANO & MARKS, the one thing that our bankruptcy clients tell us over and over is that they wish they had come to see us sooner.

Some people get so overwhelmed financially that they can’t even bear to open their mail anymore and the bills just go unopened and begin to pile up.  This can be extremely dangerous as important court hearing notices and summons’or worse, garnishment and foreclosure notices can result in major consequences impacting your home and your income.  If you are receiving court notices from collection companies you need a consultation with RICHMONDS BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEYS immediately, do not wait.  If you are not opening your mail, schedule an appointment with us now and bring that mail with you so we can figure out what is at stake.

Another common pitfall that we find in Richmond is individuals who decide to file their own chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy without an attorney or with the advice of an unlicensed and non-sanctioned bankruptcy petition preparer because they think they cannot afford an attorney.  Our opinion is that you cannot afford NOT to hire an attorney and at PAGANO & MARKS, we pride ourselves on providing our bankruptcy services at competitive and affordable rates. [We also can accept payments in installments prior to filing your case, our attorneys can discuss those options with you during your free consultation]. Filing a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy in Richmond on your own and without a licensed attorney representing you can cause you to lose property that you intended to keep, can result in your case being dismissed without receiving a discharge, or worse, being subjected to sanctions or crimes associate with fraud or perjury.

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