Outstanding Attorney and Advisor

Posted by Wayne, a Bankruptcy client

Seth Mark's depth of knowledge of bankruptcy and litigation in conjunction with the fact that he has a highly respected reputation amongst the members of the related judicial system contribute to his client's level of confidence in him. He is very responsive and consistently works with the client to determine the most beneficial course of action. He is professional in all situations and provides reliable legal counsel regardless of the complexity of the matter. He is thorough in both his preparation for litigation and in presentment of the facts of the case he is litigating.

My highest recommendation for Keith Pagano

Posted by Jim Ingersoll, a Real Estate client

Keith Pagano receives my very highest recommendation. He has helped us with many real estate transactions, prepared our family wills and counseled us on a number of legal related issues over the past several years.

He is a strong and direct communicator, extremely sharp and forward thinking and will always help you understand the entire scope of the situation you are facing so you can make the right decisions.

Keith also has successfully built a very strong legal team.

I highly recommend Keith Pagano and the entire team at Pagano & Marks for all of your legal needs.

Puts you at ease and gets the job done right!

Posted by a Chapter 7 client

My husband and I found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having to file for bankruptcy. We were a little embarrassed but went to see Keith Pagano because a friend had recommended him. He immediately put us at ease and we felt extremely comfortable with him. He is easy to talk to, and explains things in a way that you can understand. He is extremely professional, but also feels like a friend that will take good care of you. My initial feelings about him proved correct as we went through the entire process. The day of court was nerve wracking for me, Keith calmed my nerves and prepared me for what the trustee might ask (just incase). I watched the trustee hammer into people asking questions that wasn't in the paperwork and neither them (or their lawyer) were prepared to answer. The trustee seemed disgusted with most of the the other lawyers paperwork , so much so, that he continued many of their cases for another day so they would be more prepared. BUT when it was our time, I couldn't have been more thankful that Keith was my lawyer. Keith prepared all of my paperwork just as the trustee liked. Keith's attention to detail and carefulness made all the difference to the trustee and he had a different demeanor with me than those that had come before us. It was as different as night and day because of Keith's thoroughness. I left the court extremely thankful that Keith was our lawyer, and I know that a bunch of the people in that courtroom were wishing he was their lawyer too!!

Great Lawyer!

Posted by Nicole, a Real Estate client

Keith Pagano is great lawyer. His staff are very welcoming and even call to remind about appointments. Keith is very helpful and friendly. He truly looks out for the best interest of his clients and doesn't waste their time. He also has been available to contact through email with VERY QUICK responses. I have recommended him to two other people who have been very satisfied with his work and professionalism.

Reliable, Professional & Knowledgeable

Posted by BA

When dealing with business issue and the law, it is important to have a partner that is there when you need them. I have used Keith's services as well as recommended him to friends and colleagues. He has always represented me in the most professional and knowledgeable manner. I know that if I have a question on almost any legal manner, Keith is there to help without hesitation.


Posted by a Chapter 7 client

We needed an attorney quickly to help us with our situation. When we spoke with Keith Pagano about our issue, we had about 3 days left before we were in real financial trouble! We thought there was no way this could get done in time! Keith Pagano responded to our urgency and treated us like we were his only client! He kept us informed and helped us so much. He was extremely knowledgable and we got everything done in before our deadline! We can't thank him enough!

Acquiring an Excellent LAWYER

Posted by Sylvia & Wayne, a Real Estate client

We have had the opportunity to work with Keith on several different occasions. If you are looking for a lawyer that you can trust and one that not only makes you feel comfortable but gets the job done. Then Keith and his assistants are the ones you need. I would highly recommend his company to anyone. You can rest assured that if we should need a lawyer in the future, we will be going back to him. When you first meet Keith you will find out that he is very down to earth and straight forward. Which I found to be very mind easing. He was always willing to answer all our questions and to lead us in the right directions. I don't know what we would have done without his help. Keith always made us feel that our case was the most important. He always went the extra mile to assure us that he was there for us..

Awesome Works for a beginner!!

Posted by Melvina, a Chapter 7 client

Mr. Pagano and his team helped me understand the different types of bankruptcies and which one was best for me. Then the process of taking Bankruptcy classes online help me as well. So in my near future I won't make the same mistakes as my past. I am very much satisfied with my case and how it was handled. Thank you

A lawyer, mentor, straight shooter.....friend

Posted by Audrey, a Chapter 13 client

I first met Keith in 2003 when i was distraught confused but knew i needed to divorce my husband. I was presently surprised he was from New York (I'm from jersey) same rearing same northeastern realism. He soothed my apprehension, and guided me thru some murky waters with that Husband. Recently, 15 months ago my dad passes and i incurred his debt being the executrix. What ensued was a rift, final disconnection in my family leaving me to honor my dads memory, as well as handling my finances in these trying economic times. I woefully failed, fell short and needed guidance, compassion and options. Keith walked me thru the last vestiges of the fog that was losing my dad. He made himself available via interviews, phone calls and my favorite...EMAILS. My surprise came when even gravely ill he answered my emails and has his assistant make me an appt. KEITH you ROCK plain and simple. Anytime someone asks me if i know a lawyer, that referral is always Keith Pagano.

Client Review

Posted by Pam

Keith A. Pagano, was very knowledgeable in the area we needed services in. Any questions we had, he was quick to answer and explain it to us so we could understand. We will definitely use Keith for any legal services we need in the future. I feel confident, that Keith would be able to help us with any legal matter that may arise.

Absolutely Amazing!

Posted by Tiffany, a Chapter 13 client

Seth helped me with my chapter 13 bankruptcy. I was completely lost about the entire process, and after consulting with him, I had a clearer understanding of what it entailed. He was so thorough, gave me all options available to me with my particular situation, and he always followed up with me about everything. Any questions I had, he answered them! If I couldn't reach him by phone, I would send him an email, and he'd always respond within the same day! He made me feel as if he were not only my attorney, but a true friend. It sucks that I won't be needing his services anymore (because my credit will be all cleaned up) but I would absolutely recommend him to any and everyone that may need his services. The entire team is outstanding, and I had a great overall experience! Very pleased with the results!

5-stars across the board!!

Posted by Victoria, a Chapter 13 client

Seth was awesome to work with! He's extremely knowledgable and has a very warm personality that puts you at ease. Definitely a 5-star experience!

Filing Chapter 11

Posted by Bob, a Real Estate client

We were referred to Seth by another lawyer. He reviewed our financial situation and gave good advice. We felt comfortable with him and he was always quick to reply to emails, or phone calls requesting additional information and understanding. He is a very pleasant man, never rushing us and always available to meet with us.

Great lawyer

Posted by Karen, a Chapter 13 client

Seth was very informative and responsive at all times. I really appreciated his knowledge and all he did for me. Super nice!


Posted by PATRICIA, a Chapter 13 client


Lawyer Review for Seth J Marks

Posted by Rachel, a Bankruptcy client

Seth has provided two different types of legal services for me. He is not only professional but personable. I have never worked with a lawyer that has been able to talk to me in a language I understand and take the time to explain what I didn't. Seth has a straightforward, no nonsense approach with a bit of humor thrown in. But don't let the humor fool you, Seth is very knowledgeable and I trust his insight and judgment without hesitation. It is my strong recommendation that if you need any type of legal service that you give Seth Marks an opportunity to serve you.


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