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Bankruptcy Timeline

Bankruptcy Timeline and Procedures in Richmond, Virginia


Most people want to know how long it takes to file a bankruptcy and then how long the bankruptcy process will take and when they will receive a bankruptcy discharge.

At PAGANO & MARKS, you will have a consultation with one of RICHMOND’S BANKRUPTCY LAWYERS to determine whether you are eligible for chapter 7 or 13.  We will then provide you with a list of required documents and homework that needs to be completed and returned. We will instruct you on how to complete the credit counseling class that is required before a bankruptcy in Richmond can be filed with the Court.  During the consultation we will discuss how much it costs to file your bankruptcy including attorneys fees, court filing fees and other associated costs. Once our lawyers have all required documents and homework returned and the agreed upon fees have been paid, we will work on drafting your bankruptcy petition and preparing it for your review and endorsement so that we can file your bankruptcy with the Court.

After your bankruptcy is filed you will be required to attend a meeting at the Bankruptcy Court called a 341 meeting of creditors. PAGANO & MARKS will provide your bankruptcy trustee with required documents prior to your 341 meeting. In a chapter 13, you will be making monthly payments to your bankruptcy trustee for the duration of your case which is usually 3 to 5 years at which point your attorney would file a form that you have filled out and endorsed requesting a discharge should you be eligible and entitled to one. In most cases in a chapter 7, you can expect a discharge to be entered within a few months after you attend your 341 meeting of creditors if you are eligible and entitled to a discharge, assuming that your trustee has received all required documents and assuming the trustee has abandoned your assets and property.

All persons seeking a discharge in a chapter 7 or 13 must complete a second class after their case has been filed called a debtors education/financial management class. If you need assistance in taking these classes, PAGANO & MARKS offers the opportunity to schedule a  time to use our firm computers to take and complete them.

Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your free consultation with RICHMOND’S BANKRUPTCY LAWYERS by calling us at 804-447-1002 as soon as possible.